Special Collection

In the future HOLZ & STEIN will offer two programs:

  • the already familiar Basic Collection that is still available from our retailers
  • the Special Collection that can only be purchased directly from us due to very low quantities and the high cost

We want to focus on our advantages as a manufacturer and so we are starting to specialize more.

Besides the custom-made products we will offer small editions in limited quantities and changing timeframes for enthusiasts and collectors.

Depending on the availability of the wood we want to offer these Limited Editions in Olive Tree, Padouk, Purpleheart, Cocobolo, Macassar, Blackwood, Pink Ivory, Snakewood, Tigerwood, etc. Also animal products like Horn and Bone are on our list.

In the past needles made from bone were very common. Today they are again in great demand and hard to get.

We have even more beautiful ideas and also are looking forward to your ideas

Our Special Edition contains the following categories:

  • special lengths
  • special diameters
  • special sets
  • special needles
  • special wood
  • Limited Edition
  • Special Edition YinYang